martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Gangway - Sitting In The Park (1988)

01 - My Girl And Me
02 - Sitting In The Park
03 - The Loneliest Being
04 - Here's My House
05 - Out On The Rebound From Love
06 - Violence, Easter, And Christma
07 - The Party's Over
08 - Do You Remember?
09 - This Can't Be Love
10 - Yesterday, When I Was Drunk

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Anónimo dijo...

This is actually the "international" re-recording of Gangway's first "Sitting in the Park" album. This second version was known in Denmark - where the group originated - as "Sitting in the Park Again", Apart from "Here's My House" all the tracks are re-recordings (some even from Gangway's first album "The Twist"). In my opinion all tracks on the original version of "Sitting in the Park" are superior to this version, even if the production is less polished. This is nice for completists, but if it takes your fancy, seek out the former album. Gangway later went in a more Pet Shop Boys kind of direction which was quite ace too.

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